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Welcome to our revamped site!

Thank you for looking at our site - bear with us, we are still working on bits of it. Mindcustard is our concept for wellbeing - bringing in some of the things that make us happy, and sharing them with you.

We love shopping - find us on Etsy!

We love beautiful smells, and want to introduce our passion for aromatherapy and relaxing candles, fizzy bath bombs and delicious soap.

We like creating things too - more on this soon!

And we really like the idea of 'self-care' - the things we use to support ourselves when times are tough.

We offer UKCP accredited counselling, specialising in helping people overcome trauma. We find that professional aromatherapy helps our bodies and minds stay strong, so we do that too. And we provide Reiki healing energy in person and over distances if that might support you too.

All those are great, but sometimes you just want to smell good...

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