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The weirdness of trauma

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

This is written for all the partners of the traumatised out there who aren't sure why the person they love acts so, well, strangely...

Some days they seem ok, sometimes they bite your head off. You've learned not to creep up behind them for a cuddle, risking an elbow in your face. Also you know they had something bad happen to them in their childhood (they've hinted) but you aren't sure what, and anyway it was ages ago surely its done now?

The reality for people carrying trauma is that it seems normal from their point of view, but if you aren't traumatised it can seem really quite weird from the outside. Some of the blogs on this section of the site are about the day-to-day experience of trauma, explaining what causes it, how brains react to it, and how this affects the way we act and think. It also says what you can do to help your traumatised partner and support their recovery.

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