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Mmm what's that lovely smell...

Smells are something that can touch us on a basic level - the memories that come with certain scents (good and bad), the feelings they remind us of.

Aromatherapy uses the best forms of scent - essential oils from plants, or 'liquid sunshine' to help balance our bodies and minds. 

Not all plants are friendly though, so you have to know what you're dealing with. It is best to come to a qualified aromatherapist who can develop a blend of oils to suit you and what you need.

We then discuss how to use the oils - sometimes with massage, but also other ways that don't involve being touched if that is what you prefer.

Call us on 07843 806523 to arrange an initial consultation - we can only do this at our North Nottinghamshire base (we can't send you aromas over Zoom!)

Or email us with any questions or to arrange an appointment on the link below.

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