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At times life can be fairly crusty.

Family issues, relationships, work, health, money; you name it, crustiness lands on you.

This site is about some of things that help us deal with that - the things that feel like a soothing bath of custard for the soul. Custard (like many other essential foods) is an important part of life, and we would like to share some others with you - please explore!

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Good things are cooking...

Parcels of fabulous things have been arriving at Mindcustard Towers this week! We have been buying gorgeous smelling things for ourselves...

Welcome to our revamped site!

Thank you for looking at our site - bear with us, we are still working on bits of it. Mindcustard is our concept for wellbeing - bringing...

The weirdness of trauma

This is written for all the partners of the traumatised out there who aren't sure why the person they love acts so, well, strangely......

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