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Welcome to our range of wellbeing products that support our treatments and your de-frazzling strategy!

We use quality ingredients including soy wax in our candles (which are also organic and vegan-friendly), pure essential oils in many of our fragrance mixes and natural additions like rose petals and lavender flower heads in our soaps. 

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Handmade candles in our range of beautiful fragrances. We make these from vegan-friendly soy wax and at 7.5cm diameter and 5cm tall, these burn for between 80 and 120 hours. We add eco wicks (made from paper) which reduce mess and are friendlier to the environment. 


Look out for our essential oil range - with pure essential oils added to lift your mood, relax or refresh. Our other scents are ones we have personally sniffed and approved!

Scented Candle Gold Tin (Straight sides)

  • If you are looking for a particular scent that isn't on our list, or want your aromatherapy blend made into soap or a candle then please let us know - either contact us or add custom text in the box below. We will do our best to help!

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